Electra Kyute

Stormlady: Sky's the limit, and filled with electricity.


25 year old Female Au Ra XaelaLikes: Glamour, pictures, nice people, hugs, kisses, and affectionate tender touches.
Dislikes: Overly aggressive behavior, rough treatment, and disrespect.
Has a soft spot for shy ones like herself, and loves to make all her dances special, and will try her best to make the short time together meaningful. Let this one help you feel good. ♥Specializes in NSFW erotic lap dances at 300k/30 mins.SFW options available if you want to just cuddle and chat, or someone to give you her full attention accompanying you to a venue at 150k/30 mins.ERP is available, DM me for rates"I offer an immersive experience that isn't just simply dancing, but a variety of emotes mixed with casual chat that provide a relaxing & de-stressing experience"I will not be located at any of the venues I may have stated. I am taking a break from dance club venues.

About Electra

Electra’s earliest memories are of her waking up on a ship bound for Limsa Lominsa and would end up calling it home. She would often travel outside of Limsa to secure trade with merchants or solve pest problems. Electra learned to cast magic from the Arcanist guild to dispatch larger pest problems that threatened Limsa and the surrounding areas and even managed to save a bunch of pirates. :DWith all the adventures, Electra had been quite lonely. She would team up with other adventurers to take on stronger enemies, but after the battle she would not try to make friends as she thought of this as a weakness that could be exploited against her if she became close to her teammates. Electra would attend events to try and find companionship outside of her mercenary group, but only to find that they would only use her for her body and not want her heart. After a several heart breaks, and several attempts to find companionship, her heart became too weak to continue the fight to save Eorzea. Electra decided that a simple gatherer's job would be all she needed to save enough gil to be able to go out every so often in hopes she can find some stable friendship. Electra had decided that if no one could love her for her heart, then she would just sell her body. Her decision to find a job to offer her body for dancing services caused great amounts of anxiety as she thought she wouldn't be good enough. After several positive compliments Electra feels more confident about the services she provides.Eternally bonded to Ravi Visan. While our relationship is closed, we support each other dancer/escort career to help others feel good. ❤️I just learned you can click the pictures below for a larger one. :)

Find a Friend

Can be found online daily 6-11pm CST.

Discord @ ElectraKyute#0283